Emergency repairs are repairs required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to safety or serious damage to buildings, and which need immediate attention.

This would include things like a gas leak, a fire, a flood affecting the inside of the property, or a property in need of securing following a burglary.

You should report emergency repairs to us in person or by phone;

0113 243 0169 during working hours

0113 244 3799 Out-of-hours

If you report an emergency repair outside of office hours, you must report it to us again the following day to ensure we receive the information. If the emergency service is used improperly, or without our knowledge, we may charge you for the cost of this.

In the case of an emergency that requires the emergency services (burglary or vandalism), this must be reported to the police and an Incident Form filled in, otherwise you will be charged for the work needed.

Do not report emergency repairs by email or social media