Parking and Bike Storage

Bike storage for tenants

A number of sites have secure operated bike stores or lock ups. 

Mill Street, Royal Park, Grayson Heights, Cardigan Road Flats, Woodsley, Tannery Square, Rawdon Lodge have large stores or individual bike storage.

A number of houses also have bike storage

Parking your car or parking for visitors

During main holiday periods, the car park gates at certain sites may be opened to allow pick up and collection, although it is advisable to check directly with the Housing Management Officer as to the exact dates and times.

Parking around the Universities and Colleges is extremely limited. If you do bring your car to Leeds, it is unlikely that you will be able to drive to University. The public transport system in Leeds is good, and most of our developments are walking distance or a bike ride away from the city centre and the main universities.This is a list of parking facilities at our main sites

Mill Street

There is no visitor parking available at Mill Street. Parents and friends are encouraged to park at the Market NCP car park, the market car park or the West Yorkshire Playhouse Car Park which is just across the road and is pay and display.There is very limited tenant parking at a quarterly fee.

Royal Park Road

There is no visitor parking on site but the roads surrounding the development are not restricted. Tenants can apply for parking at an annual fee

Grayson Heights

Operates a first come first served basis on the car park in front of the building. The car parking barrier is not in use apart from on special occasions.

Alexander Court and New York Street

These buildings are all located in the centre centre – they do not have on-site parking, so it is advisable not to bring your car to Leeds unless you have alternative parking arrangements off-site.

Garden House

These sites have on-site free parking, operated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Sandhills & The Student Hideout

Both buildings are situated in Nottingham City centre and do not have parking onsite.