Communicable Diseases

Some student accommodation houses a high number of students living in close proximity to each other.  In multiple occupancy housing it is inevitable that people will catch colds, flu and other common illnesses.  We would always strongly advise that during your time as a student you register with a doctors in the City. 

The Student Medical Practice is located near the University of Leeds.  Find out information about the practice, how to register, opening times and appointments;

When there is a pandemic, or a tenant in a Unipol residence has an illness which is classified as a communicable disease, Unipol will always seek advice from NHS Direct, the Medical Practice or Public Health England; Health Protection Agency on what steps are required and what information needs to be given to co-tenants.

The student who is unwell, will be encouraged to contact their educational establishment to notify them of a possible risk of the spread of infection amongst the student’s classmates and other contacts at the University or College. Unipol will do this on a student’s behalf with the students permission.

Unipol’s Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator will co-ordinate Unipol’s response to such a situation and support the ill student and those who have come into contact with him/her. In some cases Unipol will ask a Residents Assistant to be a buddy to the ill person.

A flowchart of actions Unipol will take in these circumstances can be found here.

For further information, hints and tips please have a look through the Tenancy Support Guide in your own time.