The Good Life -sharing with others

The Unipol Tenancy Support Guide is here to help when life becomes challenging.

Congratulations! You made it to University, with all its potential for study, socialising, sport, friendship and fun. Your expectations of University life may be filled with ideas of parties, nights out and Freshers, but there is a serious side to University; obviously you are here to study to create a future for yourself, but a huge part of your University experience is the development of ‘life skills’ including how to manage difficult situations, personal resilience, negotiation and compromise.

Settling in;

Whilst it is very exciting to arrive at University with all the possibilities it offers, it is also the start of something new and unknown. For many students this may be the first time they have been away from home and living independently. This in itself is a huge transition and takes time to adjust to. Combine this with demanding study regimes, living with new people in a shared environment and financial constraints; it is clear there is a lot to deal with at the start of your university career.

You may feel that everyone around you is coping well and having a great time, whilst you may be struggling with adapting to your new environment, homesickness, financial worries, anxieties or poor mental health. Don’t feel it is only you. Many students feel all of these worries but hide it.

Asking for help takes courage, but if you feel worried or anxious about adjusting to university life don’t bottle it up; internalising worries tends to lead to overthinking, anxiety, negative thought processes and can be incredibly isolating.

Unipol provides support for tenants who are experiencing difficulties, and you can ask for help from either your Housing Manager or a Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator.

For more information check out our Tenancy Support Guide.

Social Events;

Here at Unipol we understand how important social networks are in supporting good mental health and positive wellbeing. We also understand how scary it can be to make those new connections.

As part of our wellbeing support we provide a number of social events throughout the academic year.

After Freshers weeks, when everyone has recovered, we provide a number of Welcome Events. For the larger halls, these events happen on moving in day and are a great opportunity to meet your new flatmates, neighbours and housing managers. For other developments and dispersed housing we arrange an event in the city, which could be a two course meal with a drink, or a social mixer.

What is Tenancy Support?

Unipol have two dedicated Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinators who are able to offer support, advice and guidance. They are also able to refer you to, and support you to access, specialist support when needed.

Tenancy Support is there to support you with any concerns, anxieties or difficulties. This could be personal to you, e.g. homesickness or you may have concerns about a co-tenant; it might be to do with inter tenant disputes, noise nuisance or smoking in your accommodation or someone may have eaten your last Cheese String and it literally was the last straw!

Whatever your concern, if it is causing you worry or distress you should contact a Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss your concerns in confidence.


Jan Hardy and Katie Morton are the Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinators at Unipol.