The responsibility for maintaining the accommodation to a good standard is equally shared among all tenants in the property.

It is quite common for people to disagree about standards of cleanliness and tidiness and, fall outs occur when people feel the chores are not being shared out equally or fairly.

Your Tenancy Agreement is very clear about the responsibility for cleaning the communal areas. Communal is defined as being ‘a shared space for common use’ therefore everyone has a responsibility to maintain these areas to an acceptable standard.

Unipol will undertake inspections throughout the year and if your property is not at an acceptable level of cleanliness and maintenance we will advise you at this stage what needs to be done to improve this.

How to keep it clean!

Try and arrange a rota early in the tenancy. This means everyone knows and agrees with the rules, who does what and when. Agree how soon the washing up is done (one of the biggest issues, but one of the smallest jobs!). Getting it done by the end of the day is a good baseline.

Decide and agree whether you are happy for others to use your belongings and if so agree they should wash, dry and put away after use.

Facilitation of rotas - The Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinators can assist tenants to arrange and agree an appropriate rota of chores.

It is important to note that failure to maintain the property could result in contractors undertaking a clean/deep clean. Both of these procedures are expensive and the cost could be recharged to all tenants in the property.

For more information and hints and tips please have a look through the Tenancy Support Guide.