Smoking In Your Accommodation

If you are an allocated student you will not be permitted to smoke anywhere in the property. Any smoking must take place in the designated smoking areas of your development.

If you have signed for your accommodation through Unipol you are entitled to smoke in your room, with the door shut and windows open. You are not permitted to smoke in the communal areas.

Smoking is a contentious issue and can cause divides between co tenants, so it is good to discuss and agree some ground rules early on.

If a flat mate is smoking and it is bothering you, the best approach is to speak to them directly in the first instance. Even if smoking is allowed in the property, compromises can be made, such as keeping a window open slightly.

If you are not permitted to smoke and you do so, the room would need to be ‘de-fogged’. This is a cleansing process that is used to remove smell and residue from smoking. The carpets and curtains would also require a deep clean. The total cost of the cleaning would be over £100 and would be recharged to the tenant(s) involved.

You can get help to stop smoking from your GP or from local Stop Smoking services.

Student Medical Practice: Tel 0113 295 4488

For more information please have a look through the Tenancy Support Guide.