Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinators

Unipol have two dedicated Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinators who are able to offer support, advice and guidance. They are also able to refer you to, and support you to access specialist support services and resources when needed.

Tenancy Support is there to assist you with any concerns, anxieties or difficulties. These could be personal to you, e.g. homesickness, a noticeable change or impact on your physical or mental wellbeing, or you may have these concerns about a co-tenant.

Alternatively, your concerns could be related to inter tenant disputes, noise nuisance or smoking in your accommodation - someone may have eaten your last Cheese String and it literally was the last straw! These may seem like small issues now, but if behaviours that seem amusing to start with are sustained, they can become real problems.

Whatever your concern, if it is causing you worry or distress you should contact a Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss these in confidence. They will discuss with you what you would like to happen and the outcome you would hope for. Remember expectations of outcomes need to be realistic.

Options you may be offered are:

  • 1:1 support for personal issues, e.g. anxiety, homesickness.
  • Direct Mediation: a managed meeting and each side has the opportunity to state their case, listen to others, discuss and negotiate compromise. This is similar to Restorative Practice methods
  • Shuttle Mediation: The Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator will speak to each individual involved and discuss their case, report back to the others and mediate some compromise with all involved.
  • More informal kitchen meeting in your home.


For more information please have a look through the Tenancy Support Guide in your own time.


If you wish to contact a Tenancy Support & Wellbeing Coordinator please do so via our dedicated inbox; tenancysupport@unipol.org.uk


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