Inclusive rents

 Many of Unipol’s houses charge a rent that includes personal possessions insurance, internet and utility (gas, electricity and water) costs and a TV (and licence if the TV is provided by Unipol). If in doubt then check your contract to see what is included in the rent for your property.

An inclusive rent covers energy and we allow a certain amount per week (from your rent) based on the size of the property for this. This anticipated level of usage should be enough for you to be warm and comfortable in your house and is based on responsible use.

To help you know how much energy you are using we now read your meters monthly and give you a statement at key points during the year. This statement is a graphic that compares your usage to last year and shows how much of what we have allowed you are using. In cold months you use more energy than warmer months so it is necessary to take into account seasonal usage in making comparisons

It looks like this:

 Top ways to save energy

  1. There is a thermostatic valve on your room radiator so that you can adjust the heating in each room, use it. If you go away for a couple of days, turn the thermostat right down so you are not heating an empty room.
  2. Make sure you know how to operate your heating and hot water - do not just guess. If you need help give us a ring and we can come out and show you how it all works properly.
  3. Most houses have a house thermostat, work out what this needs to be set to in order to ensure the house is warm. If your room is cold but others are too hot (a sun facing room or a larger room makes a big difference) turn the thermostat up a degree and have your house mates turn their radiator thermostats down,
  4. Try to avoid having heating on and windows open - you are just trying to heat Leeds.
  5. You should never need any additional electrical heaters (and they consume huge amounts of energy). If you are still cold when the heating is on something is wrong so let us know.
  6. Turn off the lights when you leave a room (leave a single light on when everyone is out to deter burglars) 

You'll need to work together with your housemates.

There is a single energy meter for gas and electricity for each house which means each housemate pays for an equal share of the total energy used and plays a part in saving power. You will need to talk to each other and work together.


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