What are we doing to keep you safe in our accommodation?

We are asking all tenants to;

  • Respect other tenants and staff
  • Self isolate if you have symptoms or are required to
  • Report it to Unipol here so we can keep staff and contractors safe
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry to our large buildings

Is it OK to move in to new shared accommodation with other people?

Where students are moving permanently into new shared accommodation e.g. a shared flat, house in multiple occupation or student residence, this will become the place where you are now living. Students who live in shared accommodation should continue to follow the relevant rules and guidance on meeting people from outside of your household.

What is my new household?

You are coming together from different households to form a new shared household. For the purposes of government guidelines on staying Covid safe, your flat will be your new household

Visits to your flats for repairs, viewings & inspections

It is in the best interests of both tenants and landlords to ensure that properties are kept in good repair and free from hazards. Tenants should let their Unipol know early if there is a problem and we will take the appropriate action.

Government guidance on working safely in people’s homes has been published and this is used by Unipol staff and contractors when carrying out inspections, repairs or viewings

Cleaning inside your flat or house

It is tenants responsibility to clean inside your flat or house, now more than ever. In our larger developments, we recommend that you use the handy fridge rota to draw up a schedule within your household, so you can share out the responsibility for keeping a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. 

Inviting visitors to your flat or home

It is important that you abide by the current government guidelines and be respectful of everyone else within your household.  Visit our Tenancy Support pages for more information on how to deal with disputes over your housemates behaviour or others around you

If your household needs to self isolate?

 Find out what to do if you have symptoms or need to self isolate

International Student arrivals

Special information for international students arriving in to the UK

In our large developments we have; 

  • Carried out a risk assessment
  • Installed hand sanitiser on entry/exit
  • Implemented a staggered arrival/key collection
  • Increased regular communal cleaning  
  • Displayed clear messaging about keeping Covid safe
  • Installed screens on receptions for the safety of staff and residents
  • Cleaning stations in shared areas like the gyms, practise rooms

 First to arrive - keep it clean

It is important that those arriving first and moving in look after the shared areas in the flat - areas like the kitchen, lounge and bathrooms. All tenants arriving should be welcomed in to a clean and tidy household when they move in

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