Whilst we try to ensure that your property has nothing wrong with it, disrepair can happen at any time during your tenancy.

Log into the tenant portal to log repairs and to check for updates on existing repairs - login here.

Tenants are responsible for;

  • Replacing light bulbs (except fluorescent tubes or sealed light fittings).
  • Unblocking sinks and drains (products for unblocking sinks and drains are readily available at supermarkets)
  • The cost of replacing broken windows (unless caused by vandalism that has been reported to the police)
  • Resetting "trip" switches
  • Other minor items such as re-lighting pilot lights on boilers

If you have outside drains with an exposed drain cover (which can get cluttered and blocked with dead leaves), it is your responsibility to make sure that the grill is cleaned regularly so that water does not overflow into the yard or garden. Unipol is responsible for other repairs.

Reporting Repairs

Report a repair using the tenant portal in this first instance.

Call our main phone numbers during office hours (Leeds/Bradford/Nottingham).

Or you can come to see us in person at one of Unipol Offices or at your Building Reception.

Check your tenant portal for updates on existing repairs.

How to report a repair accurately

Reporting a repair by using the tenant portal is the best method. Always describe the damage or problem as fully as you can to help us make the repair as effectively as possible. If you report the problem in detail, the necessary repair can be done much more quickly.

Please describe the location of a problem according to this scheme: Cellar/basement; ground floor; first floor; second floor; attic floor. Always describe the location as if you are standing in the street outside the front of the property. For example, first floor front left bedroom.

If you report a problem inaccurately or inadequately, or if a repair is unnecessary, then you may be charged a call-out fee.

Access to the property for repairs

When reporting a problem that needs repair, you will be asked for your consent for a contractor to enter your property to do the necessary work. (They will collect a key from our office). Alternatively, you can ask for someone to call you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Remember, most contractors have to undertake repairs between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday - they cannot turn out in the evenings for anything other than emergencies.

If the contractor calls at the agreed date and time and you are not in, then you will be billed for the call-out, which is normally a charge of £30 - £40.

At certain times of the year contractors may call to carry out servicing and safety checks on appliances. It is not always possible to let you know exactly when they will be making their visit, but you will be informed when the servicing will start.