Property Inspections

What is an inspection?

Unipol will inspect your property about three times a year, but if there are problems it may be inspected much more frequently. You will be contacted when we plan to carry out an inspection and we will arrange a date with you - please be there if you can.

We normally provide a weeks notice about the planned inspection date

The inspection covers a range of checks and you will be notified of these in writing when informed of the inspection itself. On the day of the inspection we will leave a form as a record of the inspection, giving you any necessary feedback and highlighting any faults or problems.

If the state of the property is found to be unsatisfactory it will be re-inspected. An administrative charge of £20 per tenant will be made for this. The condition of the property for the inspection can also have a bearing on whether or not Unipol will allow you to remain in the property for a further tenancy.

Guidance for inspections during Covid19

It is important that properties are checked and relevant works (such as minor repairs and painting) are commissioned and that tradespeople attend to those matters. Unipol have reference Government advice on how our staff will work our properties and social distancing.

 The Inspection

Those visiting will ask the household in advance to check that no member of the household is showing symptoms of coronavirus or self-isolating. If they are, the visit and any works should be delayed. 

With this in mind, Unipol will follow a methodology as follows: 

  • Any inspection from Unipol staff will mainly be visible with as little touching as possible
  • just before entering staff use hand sanitiser to ensure they are not transmitting Covid19 into the property
  • they should carry soap and paper towels to wash their hands before leaving the property
  • Staff will wear a facemask when entering the property (this is not applicable to areas shared by a number of households)
  • they should use hand sanitiser before getting into any vehicles for transportation.
  • Visitors should seek to minimise contact with homeowners and remain 2 metres apart from householders at all times.

 Unipol will provide masks to staff and if worn, they will be changed every few hours and disposed of at the office or in a car in a designated bag. 

No property should be visited or inspected where: 

  • a tenant is self-isolating
  • is known to have Covid-19
  • is quarantining having recently entered the country
  • the member of staff falls into a vulnerable category.

 Prior to a visit tenant/s should confirm that they do not fall into any of these categories. If a tenant is within these categories the dates of the end of their period of isolation or a test showing the end of Covid-19 should be obtained and the visit rescheduled.