Viewing a property is an essential part of house hunting

Every student is encouraged to view the property they wish to sign a contract for. Viewings will take place on your property if you do no plan to stay next academic year

Make sure we have your correct mobile number. Tell us if you have recently changed it -

Unipol is a 'not for profit' organisation, so it is essential that we let every single room in order to keep our services going. The rental income is how we fund the important work we do with students.

Do I have to be in for the viewing?

No, Unipol staff will always accompany the person or group coming to look around your property and have a duplicate key for access

Will they go in my bedroom?

Yes, they will want to look at all the bedrooms so they can make an informed decision about if this is the right property for them

How will I know if a viewing is booked?

Unipol will text you details of the appointment the evening before

This might be inconvenient?

We understand that having a viewing on your property is not always convenient. However, as all viewings are done by a Unipol member of staff, they are supervised and we do ask for your co-operation. The quicker we can let your house, the quicker we can stop visiting you!

Tips for letting the property quickly so viewings can stop

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