Late Payment Charges

If you are unable to pay on your rent payment date

It is important that if the rent is due and you are not able to pay that you contact the finance office to either arrange a short delay in the payment due date or agree a payment plan to help you complete your payments. If you have difficulty paying because of a cash flow problem and you need extra time, or you wish to discuss any special arrangements because of financial problems, please contact the Finance staff who will do their very best to help you.

Unipol try to be flexible and helpful. It is not, however, Unipol's intention to become a bank and ‘lend’ money to students so we often advise students to seek assistance from the banks if you are having problems in meeting your obligations.

What happens if you miss payment dates?

If you miss a payment and have not been in touch about it, Unipol will take the following steps:

  • Step One - the first letter will be sent out 7 days after the due date
  • This will normally be accompanied by a text message and/or an e-mail. The letter will give 10 days to respond.
  • Step Two - after 5 days a further text message and e-mail will be send and we will try to phone you drawing your attention to the debt and the lack of payment. You will be given a further three working days to respond. (If you are a joint tenant, your co tenants will be told of your debt and the possibility of them having to cover this amount if you do not).
  • Step Three - after 3 days a second letter will be sent, including to your home address, together with a text message and e-mail making clear that payment needed to be immediate otherwise, after 7 days, the matter will be referred to solicitors without further notification. If you are sent this letter you will incur a further £15 charge.
  • At this stage a £15.00 charge is made to cover administration costs of having to pursue you for payment.
  • Step Four - after seven days a solicitor's letter will be issued giving a further 7 days for payment. The cost of referring the matter to the solicitor will be passed onto you.
  • Step Five - after that seven days, unless a significant payment is made then Court Action will be initiated to collect the debt and repossession papers will be served, which would enable an eviction to take place. It is possible that a debt collection agency may be involved to recover the debt even after eviction. There are some charges that will be added to your account if Unipol goes through the above process

If your payment is late, for any reason, then, in accordance with your tenancy agreement, you can be charged a late payment fee of £30.

A summary of charges made in the rent collection process:

  • A charge of £30.00 will be made if your rent is not paid on the due date.
  • Unipol will charge £15.00 for each letter we write to you chasing any arrears on your account.
  • Unipol will charge £10.00 for each payment that is rejected by your bank (i.e. bounced cheques).
  • If you remain in arrears, Unipol will send a solicitor’s letter and a further charge to cover the cost of this will be passed onto you.

Ultimately Unipol will obtain a County Court Judgement against you. This can affect your credit rating and cause you difficulties in the future when you want to obtain credit cards, bank loans and mortgages. Unipol will pass on any costs involved in doing this. Although the above system may appear harsh it is transparent and necessary. If you have a debt with Unipol you will not be able to sign a further tenancy agreement with Unipol.