Rents vary, reflecting the age of the property, its location and its amenity level

Unipol's Rent Collection Procedure

Your tenancy agreement is an important document. It will tell you for how long you are renting the property and are liable for the rent. It will also set out the rent payment dates. If you do not pay your rent on time and Unipol staff have to chase payment you will have to pay administration charges.

The consequences of you not paying your rent could be that you will have a County Court judgement against you, but also it will impact on future rent levels that Unipol charges. Having said that Unipol will assist students who have genuine cash flow problems and if you contact us as soon as you know you cannot make a rent payment date we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Below is the rent collection and arrears management procedure that Unipol operates. Many landlords follow similar procedures, some are very much tougher than Unipol

Rent Payments

Your tenancy agreement states the amount of rent and the dates that you must pay your rent. Always check your bank account to ensure a rent payment has been made correctly. Unipol is not able to talk to your bank about your payments and account.

Rent payment for the whole year

Unipol offer a discount on the total amount of rent payable if you pay all your rent in one payment by a specific date at the beginning of your tenancy. Further details are available at the time of signing your tenancy agreement.

If you pay by debit card or credit card via Worldpay ( through Unipol’s website or email link payment plan)

Please ensure that you have set up the payment correctly and that you have sufficient funds available on the dates the payments are due. If a payment needs cancelling for any reason then you need to instruct Worldpay not to make the payment before the payment date and inform Unipol of how you intend to pay your rent,

If you are aware that your bank has not made a payment then you need to check with your bank and find out why. You then need to contact the finance team at Unipol to arrange payment by an alternative method. If a payment is made in error to Unipol, due to banking time delays, a refund will take 7 to 10 working days to process a refund.

Please note a Worldpay agreement is linked to your debit/credit card and not your bank account. If you need to replace your card you will have to enter your new details. Make sure you keep a record of your payment plan, username and password for future access. This will have been sent to you by Worldpay in an email.

If you pay by Direct Debit

Please check with your bank that they have set up your Direct Debit correctly and that you have the money in your bank account to make the payments on the due dates.

Unipol have pre-printed forms that you can complete and return to us. If there is not enough money in your account on the payment day, then your bank may decide not to forward the payment to Unipol. If this happens you will have to ask your bank to process the payment again or pay the amount due by an alternative method to Unipol. If a Direct Debit needs cancelling for any reason then you need to contact Unipol and instruct us to cancel it before the payment date. This needs to be done 10 days before the due date because of banking procedures.