The boiler in the property may look different, but the idea is the same.

Follow these instructions to make sure you are using it correctly and in the most efficient way. In the summer months, turn to the tap symbol for hot water only. When it is colder outside, turn to tap and radiator symbol for hot water and heating

DO NOT turn the boiler on and off using the electricity switch. To turn the boiler off completely - (no hot water or heating) turn the switch to OFF/RESET.

Please note that using the electricity switch to operate the boiler damages it and replacements cost over £1000. Unipol will pass on the cost of replacing boilers if they have been damaged through mis-use

  1. Heating on all the time - push the little switch inside the timer to the top. Your heating will stay on until you push the little switch in the timer off.
  2. Heating to come on and off at different times during
  3. 24hours - push the little switch inside the timer to the middle and turn the dial around until the arrow faces the correct time. Push the little black switches out to set the heating to come on at a certain time.
  4. This is an efficient way of heating your home and cost you less than having the heating on all the time

Ideal Logic Boilers

Vokera Boilers -follow this link