No electricity in your sockets or lights?

If your lights or power go off, it means your trip switches are working properly. You can find out what caused the problem and sort it out quite easily.

It is likely if you have lost the power in your lights or the power in your sockets, that one of the trip switches have ‘tripped’ (gone off) This happens in order to protect you and the system.

Something will have made it fault like a popped bulb or a fault kettle, toaster, hairdryer etc.

Trip switch boxes can be located anywhere in the house but usually in the hallway, kitchen or cellar. Find this and do the following;

To reset a trip switch

  • open the cover on the consumer unit to expose the trip switches/buttons
  • check which switches/buttons have tripped to the OFF position and which rooms (circuit) have been affected
  • put these switches/buttons back to the ON position.

If the trip goes again.

It is probably being caused by a faulty appliance or light. Find out which circuit is being affected and which appliance is causing the problem:

  • check all the rooms and note which set of lights or sockets is not working
  • unplug all appliances on that problem circuit, and switch off the immersion heater
  • switch the ‘tripped’ switch to the ON position (press in if it is a button)
  • plug in the appliances or switch on each light one at a time until