How to fix your vacuum cleaner

What type of vacuum cleaner do you have?

  • Vacuum cleaner with a bag (James)
  • Vacuum cleaner without a bag (Aquavac)

1. Does your vacuum cleaner switch on and have power?

If ‘yes’

Remove the pipes from the main body of the machine. Turn on and place your hand over the hole on the main body and continue to number 2.

If ‘no’, go to number 5

2. Is there any suction from the main body of the machine?

If ‘yes’

You have a blockage somewhere in the pipes or vacuum cleaner foot. Remove all the pipes and foot and try to find the blockage. A member of staff is not required.

If ‘ no’

Please check inside the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

  • (Aquavacs) Empty the contents fully and continue to number 3.
  • (James’s) Install a new bag, test and go to number 5 if unsuccessful.

3. In vacuum cleaners without bags, is the filter fitted properly?

If ‘yes’

Please continue to number 4

If ‘no’

Remove the filter fully and wash it. Re-fit in the machine and try again.

4. Is the filter damaged?

If ’yes’

Please continue to number 5B

If ‘no’

Please continue to number 5C

5. Call Unipol on (0113) 2430169 and report the exact problem

A) Vacuum cleaner is not switching on at all

B) New filter is needed – please tell us the make of your vacuum cleaner.

C) Unknown cause, blockages and filter checked fully.

D) Another problem – please describe.