Lockouts and Replacement Keys

Locked out of your property

If you are locked out of your property when the main offices are not open, you need to call the 'out of hours' service on 0113 2443799

Repeat use of this service will incur a change

We should be able to send either a Resident Assistant in our larger buildings to let you back in or can call upon a contractor to access an emergency copy of the key for your property to let you in only. They will not be able to leave a copy of the key with you, so you are reliant upon housemates to provided access for you until Unipol's main offices are open and you can come and purchase a replacement.

If you lose or have your key or fob stolen

If you lose a key, Unipol charge £30 for a replacement and £15 for an electronic fob. This is to cover the cost of replacing suited and security keys and for ordering more stock.

If we need to replace the actual lock the cost is considerably higher.

If you temporarily misplace your key/fob, you may borrow one from Unipol for up to one week. If they are not returned to Unipol within this time, the full replacement charge will be made. No refunds can be given if the original key/fob is found after one week.

If your key is stolen, you must report it to the police and let us have the Crime Reference number

Whatever the circumstances, you will need to come to the main Unipol offices or the building reception when it is open to get a replacement key.


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