When Will the Repair be Done?

Reporting repairs to Unipol

Whilst we try to ensure that your property has nothing wrong with it, disrepair can happen at any time during your tenancy. You should always report repairs directly to Unipol and not to a third party. Unipol aim to undertake repairs within the following targets, in accordance with the recommendations made by the National Housing Federation in its Standards for Housing Management.

Priority 1

Emergency Repairs

Required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to the safety of residents or serious damage to buildings.

Example – gas leak, fire, flood, the only toilet in the property not working

Target - 24 hours from becoming aware of the defect

Priority 2

Urgent Repairs

Repairs which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the tenant/s. Example – no hot water, no heating

Target - 5 working days from becoming aware of the defect.

Priority 3

Non Urgent day to day repairs

These are repairs which can wait a short time before they are dealt with.

Example – broken cupboard doors, vacuum cleaner not working, painting,

Target twenty eight days from becoming aware of defect

Priority 4

Planned programmes of works

Non urgent jobs in related trades are packaged together Target 3 months from becoming aware of the programme of work being necessary and one year for large programmes of works

Who is responsible?

You are responsible for:

  • replacing normal light bulbs (Unipol replace fluorescent tubes or sealed light fittings).
  • unblocking sinks and drains (Try a domestic drain un-blocker, commonly available from supermarkets,
  • before reporting the problem to Unipol)
  • the cost of replacing broken windows (unless caused by vandalism
  • that has been reported to the police)
  • resetting "trip" switches
  • re-lighting pilot lights on boilers
  • bleeding radiators
  • ensuring external drains are clear of debris
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