Make sure you know how to operate your heating and hot water - do not just guess. If you need help give us a ring and we can come out and show you how it all works properly. You can find a guide on how to operate your boiler below.

  • There is a thermostatic valve on your room radiator so that you can individually adjust the heating in each room. If you go away for a couple of days, turn the thermostat right down so you are not heating an empty room. You can see how to use these here.
  • Most houses also have a house thermostat, work out what this needs to be set to in order to ensure the house is warm. If your room is cold but others are too hot (a sun facing room or a larger room makes a big difference) turn the thermostat up a degree and have your house mates turn their radiator thermostats down.
  • Try to avoid having the heating on and windows open - you are letting the heat escape from the property.
  • You should never need any additional electrical heaters (and they consume huge amounts of energy). If you are still cold when the heating is on something is wrong, so let us know.

Monitoring energy use

Even if you living in an energy inclusive property, Unipol will read your meters on a regular basis to ensure ‘fair usage’ and will contact you regarding any concerns about excessive energy consumption.

Find out how your appliance works by downloading the full instructions here:

Honeywell thermostat

Baxi Duo-Tec Boiler

Biasi M110

Biassi M100Boiler

Consort SLTI controller (Sandhills bedroom, kitchen and lounge heating)

Calydra 100 combi boiler

Creda Trimline 4

Danfoss 103 heating timer

Ideal Logic Boiler guide

Vokera boiler

Vokera Compact HE

Vokera Excell 96E

Vokera Linea 28

Vokera Maxin 24E

Vokera Mynute 14-48SE

Vokera Unica

Worcester 240

Worcester Greenstar 281