Keeping you comfortable.

To keep your home warm, it's important you understand how the heating and hot water works. To do this, you'll first need to identify what kind of system has been installed.

If there are electric panel radiators (common in our larger developments) these have individual heating controls on the device and the property will have hot water supplied from a tank which you cannot control.

If your home has hot water radiators, there will be a boiler providing the heating and hot water which is accessible to most tenants.

Left electric panel radiator, right hot water radiator

We've put together guides to show how to use the heating effectively in all our properties. Just click on the relevant button below: 

Gas Heating Systems

Electric Heating Systems

Monitoring energy use

Even if you living in an energy inclusive property, Unipol will read your meters on a regular basis to ensure ‘fair usage’ and will contact you regarding any concerns about excessive energy consumption.

If you need help get in touch and we can come out and show you how it all works.