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A guide to setting up your own energy account

In order to benefit from £400 discount being given on domestic energy bills in October, and any future support the government may give, we recommend you set up your new energy accounts as soon as possible.  

Not all energy suppliers are accepting new business.  This week, among the suppliers quoting for new accounts are: 

Co-op Energy    -  

EDF                  -           0333 200 5100 

Eon Next          -           0808 501 5200 

Octopus            -           0808 169 3274 

Ovo                  -  

Scottish Power -  


As at 22nd June 2022 

All suppliers are recommending you stay with your current supplier at the moment due to the rise in energy prices.  As your contract arrangements are changing you need to tell them that you do not have a current domestic supplier and you need to set up a new account.

 When setting up a new account, you will need: 

  • Address and postcode 
  • Bank details for direct debit payments 
  • Usage – if you do not know, say you do not know and the supplier will ask for details on the type of house and number of bedrooms instead 
  • You will be asked how you wish to pay for your energy – we recommend monthly direct debits 
  • You will be asked if you have a smart meter – if you do not know please select no
  • You will then possibly be given a few options to choose from. Some suppliers are trying to include boiler servicing in their prices, please do not sign up for anything other than energy 
  • Some tariffs are only available if you sign up to a smart meter. We are happy for you to have a smart meter fitted.  Please let us know if this is the case so we can amend our meter records accordingly

Once we receive confirmation from our supplier that the account has successfully transferred, the finance team will raise your final bill for the energy supplied by Unipol up to the transfer date.

 If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at or ring 0113 205 3423 between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday.



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