Will my accommodation be clean when I move in?

If you are moving in the day after the last tenants have left (or in some cases, the same day) then your property will be cleaned within the first four days of the tenancy - this particularly applies 30th June/1st July & 31st August & 1st September changeover dates

We fully understand that move in days can be a stressful time, so we do ask for everyone’s patience during this busy transition. Everyone is in the same situation and our staff will endeavour to help as much as possible.

Please remember that many agents/landlords do not clean their properties but rely on the leaving tenants to do so. Unipol do clean all properties with a tenancy changeover, but it is not physically possible to do them all on the same day.

Our cleaning capacity is increased with an extra 6 - 7 cleaning companies at this time of year in order to manage the tenancy changeover period.

If you are moving in to a property where there has been a gap between tenancies then you should expect your property to be clean and ready for you to move in at the start of your tenancy. If it is not, please contact us.


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