More than just a landlord

Giving our tenants extra and listening to feedback

Larger developments

Unipol employ part-time Residents Assistants in our large developments to help with the running of the building. They live in the building and are students themselves, so really offer Unipol a window in to the student world and how the building is running. The Resident Assistants organize regular events in and around the building for residents to join in with including quiz nights, cinema trips to social media and pumpkin carving competitions with prizes


Unipol organize free Welcome Events for all our Developments at the start of term. this usually involves a meal in a restaurant or some on-site catering.

We also invite all tenants to our annual Christmas Party hosted at a central venue in Leeds.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Every year Unipol conducts an independent Tenant Satisfaction Survey to gauge what our tenants really think of our accommodation. This is a really important piece of work that spans across all of our stock, telling us what we’re doing well and, of course, what we need to do even better.


Overall satisfaction ratings with Unipol housing are high with 84% of our tenants rating their service as good or high. The latest news from Unipol

In the survey we either measure satisfaction as a percentage or on a scale of 1 to 8 with 1 as worst and 8 as best.


A big thank you to all of our tenants who gave us their views in past years - we really appreciate that. This has enabled is to focus our resources more precisely on what tenants want and to discover where things need to improve.

If you are a Unipol tenant, tell us your views and help shape your not for profit housing.