How is the Deposit Refunded?

How Will the Deposit be Returned?

You are required to complete an online secure form to get your deposit returned directly to your bank account. Please complete this no later than 2 weeks before the end of the tenancy to allow time for this to be processed.

If you do not let us know your bank account details, the deposit money is returned to you by cheque and posted to the home address provided to us when you first signed for the property. The cheque will be made payable to you. We cannot and will not make the cheque payable to anyone else.

Change of forwarding address

If you would like to change your forwarding address you will need to notify Unipol by Friday 10th June.

When is the deposit returned?

If you are receiving a full refund, we will aim to send out your end of tenancy statement within 10 working days (after the official end date of the tenancy). This will include the refund of the deposit. If deductions are proposed, where practicable, you will receive the full breakdown of the deductions and the end of tenancy statement within 10 working days (after the official end date of your tenancy). This will include any part refund of the deposit not being deducted.

What do Unipol deduct for?

Unipol will deduct money from deposits for outstanding debts including;

  • cleaning and removing of rubbish or possessions
  • carpet cleaning or replacement
  • damage to the property
  • missing or damaged items of furniture
  • damage to decor above reasonable wear and tear for a year
  • you owe any money to Unipol
  • you fail to return all keys, or fail to return them on time at the end of your tenancy

If the cost of returning the house to a proper condition is more than deposits held, Unipol will invoice tenants for the excess amount and this will be treated the same as any arrears.

TDS guidelines

If you do not receive the full amount of your deposit back for any reason, and you do not agree with the charges or deductions, Deposit Protection Guidelines (TDS) require you to put your dispute to Unipol in writing within 20 working days. All deposit disputes should be emailed to Nichola Verity -

Deposit Return

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