The End of Tenancy Inspection

The End of Tenancy Inspection

Unipol will only carry out a final inspection once you have moved out

The result of this inspection will determine whether any deductions are to be made from your deposit. Housing Staff will check the whole property and external areas.

We will not be able to carry out inspections of individual rooms as tenants have a shared responsibility for communal areas. Unipol will try to ensure that damage is charged to the correct tenant. However, if we can’t easily find out who is responsible for communal damage, all tenants will be charged.

A Unipol member of staff will be checking that;

  • The furniture that should be in the property is present and is in good condition and clean.
  • The house is clean and this means that all the items on the tick list have been done
  • You have not fitted door locks without our permission or damaged the integrity of fire doors.
  • The vinyl floor coverings and carpets are in good condition and have not been removed, ripped, torn or are dirty and the curtains and blinds are clean and properly hung
  • The decor of the property is in good condition, particularly that there is no blu-tac on the walls or damage caused by posters being removed.
  • The cellar, front and back gardens are empty and that there is no rubbish or belongings anywhere in the property.
  • The fridge freezer has been emptied, defrosted properly, switched off, cleaned out and the doors left open to prevent mould

If you need advice about how to clean a particular area or the standard that is required, please contact your Housing Management Officer at Unipol.

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