A-Level result students

Its August, you are just getting your A-level results and you need to find suitable 1st year accommodation in Leeds, Bradford or Nottingham - Unipol can help

How does it work?

It is likely that our rooms will be rented quickly after A-level results are released. Use the 'search tab' to look at available Unipol accommodation in all 3 cities.

If you have decided where you wish to live, please phone and sign for your room now.

Make sure you speak to a member of the Housing Team first and we will place your name against a room on our system. You will be asked for an email address and will be sent a step by step guide explaining how to secure your accommodation. It is key that you have access to a computer for the next 24 - 48 hours to complete the process in full.

Leeds 0113 243 0169 \ Nottingham 0115 934 5020 \ Bradford 01274 235899

Sending you an offer

In summary, the process works like this -

Step 1 - As above, you should have spoken to a member of staff and secured your name against a room.

Step 2 - We will now send you a guide by email about how the process works

Step 3 - You will be asked to register immediately on our rent online system. Remember your user name (your email address) and the password you create, as you will require it again.

Step 4 - We will pick up your registration details and match them to the room you have verbally reserved over the phone.

To speed things up, at this point you should send in a copy of your University place offer to housing@unipol.leeds.ac.uk so we can confirm you are a student. This can be a phone photograph of your offer letter.

Step 5 - It may take a little time, but we will send a 'rent online' offer to your email as soon as we can. You will have 24 hours from receiving the offer to complete the process. From the point of speaking to us the room is reserved and will not be offered to anyone else, but the clock does start ticking from the time you receive the offer.

Step 6 - The full process involves reading the tenancy agreement, paying deposit £225, setting up rent payments (this can be done from a different account to the one you pay the deposit from) and finally accepting agreement.

Offers are only sent out during office hours but it is important to regularly check your emails during this time.
All rooms are let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and have the same security of tenancy and make the same legal commitment as a paper contract signed in person. There is no 'cooling off' period, so it is important to understand once the process is completed you cannot cancel without a replacement tenant being secured for your room.

Booking a viewing - don't miss the boat

You are welcome to book a viewing of any of our properties, but please be aware that availability will change very quickly between the issue of the A-level results and the start of the academic year.

If you are sure you want to view, the best thing to do is book a none specific appointment and we will take you to the suitable 1st year accommodation available at the time of your booking.

If you need any advice call Unipol or if you wish to carry out a general search of all the properties available through other private landlords on the Unipol website, use the links below

Search private accommodation in Leeds 0113 243 0169
Search private accommodation in Bradford 01274 235 899
Search private accommodation in Nottingham 0115 934 5020