At Unipol we offer a selection of properties specifically for students with children.

As a housing charity, Unipol specialises in providing affordable homes for students who are not adequately catered for in the private rented sector.

Family housing is available to students whose children or other dependants live with them whether they are single parents, co-habiting or guardians.

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Unipol’s Family Housing in Leeds

Our family accommodation is varied and includes 2-4 bedroom terraced houses and 2 & 3 bedroom flats in locations within easy reach of the main university campuses.

Unipol Housing will require proof of your student status and details about your family before you can secure a family property through us. 

Unipol offer a range of family properties directly to students with dependants. 

1 Tannery Square, Meanwood

1A Tannery Square, Meanwood

2 Tannery Square, Meanwood

4A Tannery Square, Meanwood

Family Houses (Various Locations)

Argie Avenue, Kirkstall

 Please contact Unipol by telephone: 0113 243 0169 or email: families@unipol.org.uk if you would like to apply for, or find about more about, these properties.

A number of Unipol developments are reserved solely for University of Leeds student families. If you are a University of Leeds student, the University can allocate you to the below family accommodation.

Woodsley Terrace/Mount Preston Street, University Campus

Cardigan Road Flats, Burley

Shay Street/Holborn Terrace, Woodhouse

Grayson Heights, Kirkstall

Dyers Court, Headingley

Argie Avenue, Kirkstall 

Please contact the University of Leeds accommodation team at: accom@adm.leeds.ac.uk to join the waiting list for this accommodation.

If you are interested in any of the currently unavailable accommodation, please complete the Family Mailing List Form and we will notify you about upcoming vacancies.

Not Living in the UK at the Moment?

If you are not currently living in the UK and don’t need accommodation immediately you can fill in the Family Mailing List form and we will send you information when properties become available.  

How long can I stay?

You can stay in Unipol family accommodation for the duration of your studies, as long as rent is paid and the tenancy is conducted satisfactorily.

It is unlikely that we will move you to different accommodation once settled which means you can settle your family into the local area.

Rent Levels for 2024-2025

A deposit of £500.00 is paid to Unipol at the time of signing the contract and is kept until the end of the tenancy.

  • Argie Avenue (Phase I)
    £949.00 pcm Ground Floor Flats - water , TV and TV licence & WIFI included.
    £902.00 pcm First Floor Flats - water , TV and TV licence & WIFI included.

  • Argie Avenue (Phase II)
    £840.00 pcm - water included.

  • Holborn and Shay Street
    £880.00 pcm Ground Floor Flats (with Gardens) - water & WIFI included.
    £869.00 pcm Ground Floor Flats (no Gardens) - water & WIFI included.
    £832.00 pcm First Floor Flats - water & WIFI included.
    £803.00 pcm 29 Holborn Street water & WIFI included.

  • Woodsley Terrace & Mount Preston Street
    £893.00 pcm Ground Floor Flats - water & WIFI included, TV and TV licence included.
    £915.00 pcm Mount Preston Street Flats - water & WIFI included, TV and TV licence included.
    £915.00 pcm Second Floor Flats - water & WIFI included, TV and TV licence included.
    £926.00 pcm First Floor Flats - water & WIFI included, TV and TV licence included.
    £948.00 pcm Large FF/SF Flats - water & WIFI included, TV and TV licence included.

  • Grayson Heights
    £795.00 pcm- water & WIFI included. Energy (Electricity) is billed monthly for actual usage, meter readings are taken at the end of each month. 
    £805.00 pcm Flat 1 - water & WIFI included. Energy (Electricity) is billed monthly for actual usage, meter readings are taken at the end of each month. 
  • Tannery Square
    £750.00 - £760.00 pcm - water included.

  • Dyers Court
    £905.00 pcm - water & WIFI included.

  • Unipol Family Houses
    Rent varies from £660.00 to approximately £765.00 pcm - energy not included.


All properties include the following: carpets, furniture, curtains, a cooker, large fridge/freezer, washer and dryer.

All properties are gas central heated with instant hot water except Grayson Heights which is heated by electricity.

The following accommodation has an outdoor children’s play area: Woodsley Terrace and Argie Avenue.

Car Parking - The following properties have car parking (some with a permit fee system): Shay Street/ Holborn Terrace, Woodsley Terrace, Argie Avenue and Grayson Heights. The terraced houses often have parking on the road just outside.

To find out more about life in Leeds, to access advice and further information about family accommodation have a look at the dedicated family area of the Unipol website here. 

If you have a specific question, you can email Unipol on families@unipol.org.uk

We hope you will come to Leeds and enjoy staying and living in our housing, making friends, using local schools and becoming part of the community during your studies.

Our Subsidy Arrangements

As a charity, Unipol subsides the cost of family housing to provide lower rents because it recognises that the high accommodation costs are a barrier to individuals with children or dependants undertaking study. This is an important part of Unipol’s charitable mission, and more information is available here.

Family Mailing List

If you wish us to notify you when a suitable property becomes available, please fill in your details and we will email you.

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