Non-student and professionals

Unipol have a very small selection of properties that have been chosen as most suitable for non-students, in popular residential locations, close to shops and local amenities and making the most of the vibrancy of Leeds and all the city has to offer.

Plenty of recent graduates and non-students choose to live in shared houses as they come with all the benefits of being more affordable with shared utility bills and council tax and provide a more sociable environment.

The properties Unipol have to offer are either small self-contained houses and flats, or individual rooms in a larger shared house. It is possible to rent these properties on-line without being in Leeds, and we have provided as much information as possible, including photographs and room plans, to allow you to make an informed choice about the property you want to live in.

View our properties on Let Leeds

Unipol are working closely with Let-Leeds, a local agent who specialise in professional lettings, and you can find more detailed information about the properties available by going to their website. They can arrange viewing appointments for you, and if you are interested in a property, will refer you back to Unipol to sign a tenancy agreement.