Fridge or freezer not keeping cool

  1. Check either section does not need defrosting. Ice build-up in the freezer could still be affecting the fridge section’s ability to cool.
  2. Check the drainage hole at the back of the unit is not obstructed with packaging or that something has not gone down it and caused a blockage. Most fridges come with a small removable tool that sits in the hole. If it is missing, a straw or cotton ear bud could be used.
  3. Check the fridge is not over-loaded. If it is crammed full, air movement will be restricted.
  4. Check there is power to it. If no lights are coming on either, then the fuse may need replacing. Please ensure you use the correct fuse when replacing.
  5. Check the temperature dial hasn’t been turned down. 5 is the coolest setting. Recommended setting would be around 3 - 3.5

If you have checked all of the above and the problem has not been resolved, please contact your housing management officer to report the fault.