Emergency repairs need immediate attention and are repairs required to avoid

  • a danger to health,
  • a risk to safety 
  • serious damage to buildings

Leeds & Bradford 0113 243 0169

Nottingham 0115 934 5020

Out-of-hours 0113 2443799 17:00hrs - 09:00hrs Monday to Friday only and 24 hours Sat & Sun)  

If you report an emergency repair outside of office hours, you must report it to us again the following day to ensure we receive the information.

Please note; if the emergency service is used improperly, the cost of the contractors visit may be passed on. Do not report emergency repairs by email or social media


In the case of an emergency that requires the emergency services (burglary or vandalism), this must be reported to the police and a crime reference number supplied to Unipol.

If forced entry was used, call Unipol so we can send someone to secure the property for you. This may be a temporary repair like boarding up a window or securing a door. 

Our tenancy support staff will be in touch with you on the next working day to see if you need further assistance. 


In the case of serious fire, call 999 and then once you are safe, call Unipol to report what has happened.  


A serious flood is where the water will not stop. If you can, find the stop tap to turn of the supply and limit the damage to the property. Quite often stop taps are located in kitchen cupboards near the sink. Call Unipol to report it. 

A leak from a bath, shower, sink or washing machine will normally stop after a while, once the contents have dispersed. This is not an emergency and you should take steps to dry the area out. Do not use this area again until it is fixed, so remember to report it to Unipol using the normal channels. The electrics may not work for a while until they have dried out, but the modern RCD system is in place to keep you safe and once dry, you should be able to turn the effected area on again 

Suspected gas leak or carbon monoxide

Call Unipol and take the following action;

  • Open doors and windows
  • Turn the gas off at the meter/main stop tap
  • Avoid using any naked flames or electrical switches

The National Gas Emergency Service (National Grid) can be called to attend on 0800 111 999 and they will come and turn the gas off. They aim to attend within two hours. Their engineers will always 'make safe' when called to a suspected gas leak. It could be from the meter itself or an appliance in the property.

The emergency service provided by them doesn’t cover repairs to appliances (cooker/boiler installation or pipework, so you still need to report the incident to Unipol so we can deploy a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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