International Arrivals

Advice for International students            

All Unipol international arrivals have been contacted directly with further information

If you are required to self-isolate for a period once you move into your home with Unipol, this is some advice that we hope you find helpful.

If you are required to stay in your property to self-isolate, it is important that you make plans before you arrive, so you have everything you need and can follow current UK Government Guidance.

 Get updates about whether you need to self-isolate here

Keep Unipol Updated

 If you need to self-isolate on your arrival, let Unipol know by completing a form on your student portal here

 Making staff aware that you’ll need to self-isolate for a period of time is helpful, so we can stay in touch with you to make sure everything is okay. It will also mean that we will not visit your property to carry out repairs unless in an emergency.

Your new household

 Where people are moving permanently into new shared accommodation, this will become the place where they are living for the purposes of the recently updated coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations. People who live in shared accommodation should continue to follow the relevant rules and guidance on meeting people from outside of your household.

 You should ensure that you follow the latest guidance on moving home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period in England. Local restrictions may also be in place and relevant local advice must also be observed.

Bedding (duvet, pillow, duvet cover, sheet) and kitchen packs (pans/cutlery/plates/bowls)

 Unipol do not supply bedding or kitchen supplies. Find out here what Unipol supply

 Please ensure you bring your own bedding and kitchen equipment, or arrange for these to be delivered to your house after you have arrived so you can accept delivery of them.

 If you are not bringing your own bedding or kitchen equipment, you should order these supplies before you arrive in the UK. You will need to be able to make your bed to sleep in and have kitchen equipment to cook with/to eat from.

 A number of companies offer these services to students, here is one such organisation:

 My Student Essentials


Food Shopping

 When you arrive in a development with a reception, Unipol will provide you with an oven meal that you can prepare at your flat. In addition, a breakfast bag so you have some food to eat until your own food shopping is delivered. 

We advise that you do an online food shop before you arrive in Leeds/Nottingham.

 Please arrange for the food to be delivered to your flat address after you arrive, so you are at home and able to accept the delivery.

 There are lots of supermarkets that offer an online delivery service. These are some popular UK options for you to choose between; 

 Important – remember that Unipol staff cannot accept food deliveries for tenants – you need to be at your residence in the UK

Arriving out of hours

 It is important to book your arrival. You will receive information on how to book your arrival and key collection on a separate email from Unipol (Grayson Heights and Royal Park tenants will receive booking details from Leeds University). You should plan to arrive at the building during the opening hours available and when you can book a time slot.

 If you have no alternative but to arrive ‘out of hours’ because of when your flight arrives in the UK, then you should contact your Housing Management Officer to make special key collection arrangements. This arrangement will involve you travelling to our security site in the city centre and then on to your new home. So, you need to plan to use a taxi for this journey.

 Most sites do not have 24-hour staff, so it is important that you make arrangements in advance  

Housing Management Officer

 If you have any questions about your arrival or self-isolation, please contact your Housing Management Officer for assistance.

 We look forward to welcoming you

 Unipol Staff