Getting the deposit back early

Leaving the property early

You may decide to leave your property early because your course has finished and you are leaving the city for the summer.

You are still liable for rent, but if you do not intend to return to the property and surrender your keys, then Unipol can inspect the property and return your deposit amount earlier than the end of your tenancy.

In a shared house/flat all occupants will need to have vacated and returned their keys in order for this to apply.

We are unable to inspect and return deposits on an individual basis in shared houses/flats as you have a shared responsibility of the communal areas.

If you know everyone plans to leave early, make sure they return their keys. There is no point holding on to keys if you don't intend to return. 

If you or your group do decide to vacate the property early and would like to get your deposit returned earlier, please let us know at and we can arrange your end of tenancy inspection.

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