Tannery Square

Information for tenants

Tannery Square is a friendly small community with a mixture of family, professional and student tenants. We ask all tenants to take pride in the building and make it their home.

Join our family community - Find out about family events and get involved

Your responsibilities - If you see litter in the garden or the communal areas, pick it up and put it in the bin. Respect your neighbours when it comes to noise levels and have consideration when using any communal spaces. 

Report any repairs or damage to Unipol, so we can keep the building well maintained and a pleasant environment for all tenants. 

Unipol Staff - Your Housing Management Officer is Mathew Ward and is your first point of contact for any enquiries relating to Tannery Square. You can make contact on (0113) 243 0169 or by e-mail: m.ward@unipol.org.uk 

Reception - This development does not have a reception. Find out how to report a repair here 

Internet - Internet is not provided by Unipol. Tenants must make their own arrangements with an internet provider. This link looks at internet deals on offer with private providers

Instruction guides to appliances - find out how to use everything in your house. If you cannot find the appliance you need, please contact us.

Tannery Square;

Mail and parcels - General post (letters and parcels that can fit through the letter box in your door) is delivered directly to flat doors by Royal Mail. 

Private couriers will use the intercom to ring flat doors to deliver parcels. If no one is home, the driver should leave a 'missed collection note'  in the communal area of the block so you know how to make arrangements for re-delivery or collection. 

Fire alarms - Each communal block has an inter-linked fire detection system. The fire panel is located in the ground floor hallway of the communal block

Security - The building has CCTV covering the external areas and communal hallways outside flats 1 – 5. Report any communal doors not working

Outside facilities including gardens -There is a private garden and swing set behind the main block of flats. There is also a picnic table for residents to use. 

Parking and bikes - There are 6 car park spaces in the private car park at the rear. These are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact us if you would like to apply for a space. Once you have registered your vehicle details you will be provided with a code for the gate.

Parking on the road ( Green Road) does not require a permit, so if you do not have an allocated car park space, you can still park nearby.

 There 6 bike lockers in the rear car park. These are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact Mat Ward to request a key for a bike locker.

Energy information for Tannery Square - Unipol administer the gas and electricity charges for your property monthly. The standard charge for Tannery Square is £57.00 per month*, with energy payments due on the 1st of each month, in addition to the rent.

Every 3 months, Unipol review energy usage (using meter readings), and will tell you if your flat has exceeded the monthly amount or if a refund of money is due to you. If you exceed the standard charge, you will need to pay the excess. We will adjust your standard charge amount if you are consistently using more energy than you pay for, or if you are using less energy than you pay for each month.

The monthly amount you are billed has been carefully set based on historic energy data at Tannery Square. The standard set monthly amount should allow you to budget more carefully, but until you have lived in the building for a while, you will not understand if you are exceeding or staying within this standard amount. 

Over the colder winter months we expect families to use more than the monthly billing amount but over the summer months you may use less. The logic behind this billing system is that you pay a regular average amount, then if you use less energy then your account builds up a credit. 

An example; if you pay £58.00 standard charge for energy in August, September and October, but only use £50 worth of energy you will accrue a credit of £24.00 on your account (£8 for each month). If in November, if you then use £65.00 worth of energy, £7.00 of the credit will apply against your November usage. We use any credit on your account against any costs which exceed your monthly billing amount.

Set up an automated payment plan for your energy now

Water charges and insurance for your personal possessions are included for within the rent tenants pay at Tannery Square. * Monthly amount is correct at January 2022

General Waste collection -  General waste collection is on a Saturday. The bins are emptied every 2 weeks. To find out the date of your next collection, go to Leeds City Council’s website and enter LS6 4LT (the postcode for Tannery Square) on this page 

What can I put in the general waste bins?

Recycling  collections -Recycling collection is on the alternate Saturday to the general waste collection. The bins are emptied every 2 weeks. To find out the date of your next collection, go to Leed City Council’s website and enter LS6 4LT (the postcode for Tannery Square) on this page

What can I put in the recycling bins?

Communal area cleaning -  The communal blocks of Tannery Square are cleaned once a week by professional cleaners. This takes place on a Wednesday.

 Local amenities - You can walk from Tannery Square to local shops in the centre of Meanwood. Waitrose is a large supermarket with fresh and frozen food, household supplies and cash machines, but there are plenty of alternative options.

Health - there is a pharmacy on Meanwood Road for medical supplies and prescriptions. Meanwood Health Centre is the local GP (general practitioner)